If American culture is obsessed with anything right now, it’s food and television.  Go to any office in any city, and the water cooler talk is almost guaranteed to be about a restaurant or a show, a recipe or an episode recap.

Here are our favorite food shows and documentaries to watch right now:

Ugly Delicious

A Netflix original by chef David Chang, creator of Momofuku, Ugly Delicious centers each episode on a different food – pizza, fried chicken, barbecue – and explores their iterations all over the world.  Chang, along with food critic Peter Meehan, explore themes of authenticity, originality, community and technique while traveling all over the world.

Mind of a Chef

Produced by Anthony Bourdain for PBS, Mind of a Chef has a different chef host each season, who travels both within the U.S. and abroad to discuss a variety of different food related topics, from regional cuisines, food history, and culinary trends.  Hosts include April Bloomfield, Sean Brock and Gabrielle Hamilton.


Food writer Michael Pollan takes an innovative approach to this series.  He focuses each episode around elements – fire, water, air, earth – and how they have shaped human culinary culture all around the world, for as long as we have been eating.  The show also features fewer upscale restaurants and chefs, and more every day home cooks using simple, old techniques.


Have you ever licked a rock just to know what it tastes like?  Probably not, but the guys in this documentary have.  Somm follows four men as they prepare for the master sommelier exam, and the crazy amount of wine knowledge and history they need to have, as well as the impressive ways they train their palates.



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