Felix was born in Brazil and moved to the United States in 2004. At 9 years old, due to a car accident Felix was in coma with an exposed fractured leg. It took him nearly two years to return to normalcy, but since his muscles were atrophied, doctors said he would never walk normally again unless he pushed himself to do physical activities. That’s how movement became a passion of his, as well as a work study. “I had the challenge to make my body function in a way that I could fulfill my dream of becoming a dancer. I had to work hard to make this dream a paying job,” said Felix. He then moved to Miami and received a dance scholarship at New World school of the Arts. Besides Dance, Felix also has a long career in hospitality. From family restaurant business, to retail and hospitality manager at spas like Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, he acquired skills in the service industry.

“Today I devote my studies to the practice of Yoga. I strive to apply one of the main principles of Yoga to my work at HMG: Service to others. I believe and teach in my practice that serving others is a privilege. Yoga is not only poses. It is about awareness, compassion and service.  These almost two years with HMG  have rewarded me in so many ways. I learned more than I thought I would. I also have the privilege to work side by side with wonderful, talented and like-minded professionals. I can’t be happier and hope to succeed and grow with the company.” Thank you, Felix!



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