On Monday January 8th, HMG+ hosted its first Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony! This event gave us the opportunity to recognize our diverse and dedicated team of service professionals and their commitment to the success of HMG+. This select group of attendees were nominated by clients, fellow SP’s and the corporate team based on demonstration of the 3 P’s and embrace our Core Values. Thank you to our entire team for your unwavering commitment and desire to go above and beyond in all you do!

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5 Year Award Recipients


“Terry is a super great captain, making sure the client’s expectations are exceeded. At the same time, he makes sure that the staff does an excellent  job and is taken care of as well.  He dos not hesitate to also work with us and pitch in whenever necessary. He is also a safe driver and a terrific, talented, and wonderful person!! We love Terry!” – Service Professional


“Our Joe is an absolute ROCK STAR. So calm, fair, smart, and good at the job.” – Client


“Shakell Young was amazing at sanit. He lead the sanit set up and worked steadily throughout the whole event breaking down and organizing the rentals as they came back. His positive attitude proved valuable to the sanit team who basically had the hardest job.” – Client


“Peter is the service professional who gets the job done with a minimum amount of bullshit and a whole  lot of personality!” – Client


“Meghan our captain was wonderful very organized and patient. It was a delight working with a seasoned professional!” – Client


“Hank the captain was very helpful along with the rest of the team, but Hank especially. Although things may have been overwhelming for him during this big event he split his team up in into different assignments to make sure every table was perfect and ready and presentable for dinner. He was also very understanding.” – Client

Jose Carlos 

“I put Jose on the bar and he stepped up! He excelled at what he was doing. Jose is proactive, took initiative and was welcoming to guests.” – Captain

Leadership Award Recipient


“Richard is the consummate professional, pre-engineers every detail and is the most efficient person I have ever worked with and for these reasons and others I think he deserves the nomination and award.” – Client

Celebrating Excellence Award

Anais   ●  Bernard ●  Brooke ●  Carlos ● Chauvn ●  Christophe ●  Danielle ●  Dwayne ●  Geoffrey   ●  Jacob   ●  Jeannine ●  Luis ●  Marian ●  Marta ●  Mary ●  Michael ●  Paul   ●  Robyn ●  Ramon ●  Sulidelna ●  Sutta ●  Stephanie ●  Tresslyn

Certificate of Achievement

Akiko   ●  Alejandra ●  Aleksandra ●  Amanda   ●  Amy ●  Anais ●  Angelica ●  Billy ●  Brian ●  Carlina ●  Carlos ●  Emily ●  George ●  Gokhan ●  Grimelda ●  Hector ●  Jake ●  Joey ●  Jorge ●  Juan ●  Karis ●  Luis ●  Luisilda   ●  Lyne-Carmel ●  Olga   ●  Patrick ●  Rachael ●  Robin ●  Ryan ●  Saderly ●  Sharon ●  Shiraz ●  Tatiana ●  Teysha ●  Thomas ●  Tiffani   ●  Tufail ●  Veronica ●  Victor   ●  Wendy ●  Zoe



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