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    The Plus In HMG+ Starts With Giggo Giggo is Fast, Easy, Accessible and Paperless! Our easy to use online booking system provides a bird's eye view … Get to know us…

    The Plus
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    Service Is Our Passion We eat, drink and sleep hospitality.  At HMG+ you will find that we take pride in everything we do and are dedicated to … Get to know us…

    About Us
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    HMG Plus actively works with the Department of Veteran's Affairs to recruit returning vets to become part of our team. For more information on this … Get to know us…

    Employing Our Troops
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    Quality Solutions for the Hospitality Industry HMG Plus is a quality-focused hospitality solutions provider with deep experience in a wide variety of … Get to know us…

    Hospitality Event Services
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    Join the Plus Team. Be part of a community of like minded service professionals who value integrity, enjoy seeing their guests smile, work hard, and … Get to know us…

SERVICES   HMGPlusServices
  1. Event Service Staff
  2. Staff Training
  3. Staff Consulting
  4. Online Management


  1. Corporate Dining
  2. Caterers
  3. Hotels & Resorts
  4. Sports Complexes
  5. Private Homes


  1. Captains
  2. Lead Wait
  3. Servers
  4. Bartenders
  5. Hosts
  6. Promotion

THE PLUS   WhatIsThePlus
  1. giggo™ Technology
  2. Expert Management
  3. Screening process
  4. Fully Insured

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